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Smart Living Course – Grade 7s

Aims to educate young people about the four pillars of sustainability: Biodiversity, Waste, Energy and Water.


Our hope is to develop an interest in and respect the sensitive nature and beauty of our planet. By conserving our biodiversity, understanding and saving energy, minimising waste and saving water, we want to increase awareness of what positive actions can be made to protect our environment.

While this course is not strictly a marine themed course, the importance of understanding nature, its processes and how we affect them, is an important stepping stone towards any potential career in the sciences.

We will run two Smart Living courses this year. Please note the two different set of deadlines for each course application.

Venue of the Smart Living Course: Two Oceans Aquarium, Cape Town.

For application forms, please contact Katja on

Proudly sponsored by the City of Cape Town.




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