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by James (12)

“This is a quick and quirky identification guide to animal dung or droppings. It came in handy when we travelled through Namibia.”


“One morning, I sneaked out of the tent before the others woke up so that I could check out the fresh tracks of the animals that had visited the camp during the night. From what I saw in the sand around the tent, it had beezGetImage (5)n a busy night for the local wildlife. It was awesome! My ‘Scatalog’ helped me to identify the tracks of a hyena. I wondered if they belonged to a spotted or a brown hyena, but with my ‘Scatalog’ in hand I was pretty sure it was a brown hyena. A little later, a ranger stopped by and confirmed my findings. Bingo! I was right!”

This is a quick and quirky identification guide to animal dung or droppings. Each animal group (carnivores, primates, antelope, rats and mice, reptiles, birds) is briefly introduced; but the main focus of this book is the photographs, mostly life-size. These images enable immediate identification of the animals responsible for the droppings. To confirm identity, summary tables give details of average width, length and typical contents of droppings (feathers, twigs, leaves, sand, etc.).

Recommended reference for rangers and field guides in the region; and it will be of use to anyone with an interest in wildlife, and even to those who simply enjoy walking in the wild and observing the tracks and signs they encounter.




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