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An afternoon with the penguins

by Enya Godard

Our friend, Itxaso, was very excited because we were going to see the penguins. She almost flew over the stairs! We drove along the coast to the penguins at Stoney Point, and on the way we saw a few dolphins. James shouted, “Dolphins!!!” We also had Charlie with us, our Jack Russell.”

When we arrived, Itxaso was the first to jump out of the car. And, by the time we got out of the car, Itxaso was already waiting for us at the entrance! I was also very excited!



Once we were past the entrance, I was the first to see a penguin. It was looking at me if I was going to eat it. Itxaso didn’t even see it because she was too excited! She had already ran to the end of the path and back saying she had seen nothing. Don’t tell anybody, but she wasn’t supposed to run…
Okay! Let’s get a bit more serious now, hey?


There are hundreds of penguins at Stony Point, which is located in Betty’s Bay, about one hour from Cape Town. They live in a village with natural and artificial nests. The penguins look like they are wearing tuxedos because they are dressed in black and white!
There are many other animals living with the penguins, such as small elephant (rock hyrax), lizards, flies, ducks and birds. These type of penguins are called African penguins, because they only live in the south western coast of Africa. In the beginning of the last century, there were about 4 000 000 penguins, but today, there are only 55 000 penguins left. If it continuous like this, the penguins will be extinct in 15 years! They are endangered because the people stole their eggs to eat and also because some petrol-ships sank and the petrol killed many penguins and others marine animals. Luckily, there were good people who came and saved many penguins by washing them and then releasing them. Some people are also helping the penguins by putting artificial nests to help the penguins recover their population.
Penguins are the most amazing animals in the whole universe because they stay partners for life.



The father goes and catches some fish and brings it back for the mom and the baby. Sometimes, it is the opposite.
You should see the movie Happy feet!


Author: Enya Godard (12)
Published Date: 17 Sep 2014

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