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My South African ABC

by Abigail ( age 10 )

“From aardvark to zebra, it takes you on a wild alphabetical adventure through South Africa. ”




“My favourite page is the letter A because A is the first letter in my name.

I really didn’t like page C because it didn’t have my favourite animal …. CHICKEN! I like the mix of languages in the book.

I really liked the book a lot and I liked that they put questions on most pages. I really enjoyed going on a wild adventure from a to z (:

This is a bright and colourful book for ages 5-10.”



My South African ABC

This is a lively book to learn your ABC but also a colourfully illustrated guide to South Africa, its celebrated places and well-known objects.

Seasoned illustrator Sandy Lightley’s bright illustrations bring the country to life while fostering an awareness of sounds and letters. There are fun questions about the elements on each page; and a parents’ guide at the back, with addresses and contact numbers, outlines key activities and places of interest, and will facilitate visits to the major sights and attractions.




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