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Having fun tracking lemurs

by Enya & James Godard

We saw lemurs for the very first time in Madagascar. We actually bumped into them or was it them who bumped into us?

ring-tailed lemurs  Enya & James with ring-tailed lemur Ring_tail_lemur_leaping Lemur catta | ringtailed lemurs

Maybe they were sneaking up on us… They are AWESOME! If you want to get up close with lemurs, ask your parents to plan a trip to Monkeyland near Plettenberg Bay, South Africa. It’s a really great sanctuary for primates and we had a fantastic time there with the resident ring-tailed lemurs.

Ring-tailed lemurs are amazing creatures. We love their long furry tails with black and white rings. There are  12 or 13 white rings and 13 or 14 black rings, and the tail always ends in a black tip. Do you know that its tail is longer than its body? We also love their face and muzzle, so cute! I (James) think its face looks totally like the ‘Bumble Bee Transformer’, if you know what I mean…  And, we love the sounds they make; we’ve added a few audio clips here, so that you can hear how they ‘purr’ and ‘moan’. 

The purr – expresses contentment

Yaps – used during predator mobbing

The moan – well, this is to moan… 🙂

In Madagascar, people call them ‘maky’ or ‘hira’. One day, we met a man near the hotel where we were staying. He showed a tiny lemur in the palm of his hand and when we asked him what he was going to do with it, he pointed to his mouth and said he’d eat it! We immediately went to the hotel manager and reported him. This is not on!

CLICK HERE: We found this FANTASTIC documentary: Be the Creature – Lemurs by the Kratt Brothers Company and National Geographic. You’ve got to watch it. You’ll LOVE it!



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