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One picture can save a life

Here’s a really cool idea to make a meaningful difference to homeless cats and dogs. Check it out and help an animal in need at your nearest animal shelter. It only takes 1 picture to save a life!

This great photo helped Ace find a loving home.

Seth Casteel is a photographer who is passionate about helping animals. With his project ‘One Picture Saves a Life’ he helps desperate pets in animal shelters to find a loving home. Seth shows us how photographing homeless pets in a nice way increases adoption rates. He also teaches others how to take really nice photographs of pets, so that more people can help homeless pets to be adopted more easily.

P.S.: This works for pigs and rabbits too!

Visit to learn more about this awesome project.

Click here for really cool learning videos on How to set up your camera, safety, location & lighting, How to photograph pets, how to take better intake photos, post-production with Photoshop elements.


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