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Forest Creek Lodge


Fun Family Destination

Forest Creek Lodge in the Mpumalanga Escarpment where guests enjoy the pleasure of drinking freshly bottled spring water, beautiful hikes in the ‘Cloud Forest’, and picnics on a tree platform.

Forest Creek is situated halfway down the Steenkampberg Mountain Range at an altitude ideally suited to the rapid growth of Rainbow trout. The cold, clear perennial stream feeds the dam in which these lovely fish abide.

The hiking trails are designed for the entire family to enjoy.

The walk to the waterfall is approx. 2 km, winding through the forest and criss-crossing the stream in several places under the canopy of large indigenous trees. One is likely to hear the baboons barking and spot the odd bush buck or red duiker and see the Cinnamon Doves, Narina Trogons and Louries that frequent the forest. In the wetter months the ferns, orchids and wild mushrooms offer spectacular photographic opportunities.


A tree platform built in a large fig tree above the forest canopy, is an ideal stop for birders or to just relax and enjoy a picnic!

Scattered in the forest are remnants of old stone structures some of which are supposedly several thousand years old and are under study at present. The forest is beautiful, friendly and safe.




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“Spending a holiday with my family in South Africa to celebrate this special birthday was so much more rewarding than throwing a big party in a fancy restaurant. It was the best advice you could have given me. Thank you Petra, for making this happen. The choice of accommodation and the recommended activities were a delight for both generations. We had a fabulous time and we will all treasure the memories of a beautiful time spent together.”

Rod Millard, UK, November 2015

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