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Bloublommetjie Farm



Bloublommetjieskloof has a small dairy herd that graze on mixed
pastures (grasses and herbs) and planted grains like oats and wheat. The cows provide a good manure for the biodynamic compost as well as
fresh milk for the dairy where cheese, butter, and yoghurt is made.

The farm orchards provide fresh fruit which is sold directly or 
converted to jams and compotes. Culinary herbs and some vegetables are
cultivated and sold directly.

In addition the herbs are used as base
 and active ingredients in the Bloublommetjieskloof Household Cleaning 
and Body Care products.





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“Spending a holiday with my family in South Africa to celebrate this special birthday was so much more rewarding than throwing a big party in a fancy restaurant. It was the best advice you could have given me. Thank you Petra, for making this happen. The choice of accommodation and the recommended activities were a delight for both generations. We had a fabulous time and we will all treasure the memories of a beautiful time spent together.”

Rod Millard, UK, November 2015

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