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Bee Wise Original Bee Balm


Bee Wise’s Original Bee Balm, magic in a little container.


It’s simple, I don’t go anywhere without my jar of ‘Original Bee Balm’ in my bag. A friend of mine offered it to me two years ago. “Here,” she said, “a gift. It’s such an amazing product, you can use it to soothe or heal practically any skin ailment with it.”

At first, I used it to soothe mosquito bites. I’m ultra allergic, so a single bite can take on epic proportions accompanied by unbelievable itchiness. This bee balm immediately soothes it and soon any trace of the bite is gone. Without it, the torture would go on for days. And then we started using it for eczema, burns, bites, stings and damaged skin. Whenever some skin ailment pops up, we try the bee balm first and chances are that it will work its magic.

And what’s nice too, is that the balm seems to go on forever. After two years of regular use, I still have some left in the same container my friend offered me when she first introduced this bee balm to me.

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 Available in 25 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml and 500 ml containers 

Contra Indications

All the products in the Bee Wise product range are classified as traditional/complementary medicines, being 100% natural ingredients which we use at all times, without deviation. Dermal balms, lip balms, butters & was, carrier & essential oils.




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“Spending a holiday with my family in South Africa to celebrate this special birthday was so much more rewarding than throwing a big party in a fancy restaurant. It was the best advice you could have given me. Thank you Petra, for making this happen. The choice of accommodation and the recommended activities were a delight for both generations. We had a fabulous time and we will all treasure the memories of a beautiful time spent together.”

Rod Millard, UK, November 2015

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