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Adventures With Elephants

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Fun family activity

Adventures with Elephants is located on a beautiful wildlife reserve situated just an hour’s drive north from Pretoria. If there is one place where you want to experience elephants, this is the one: clamber atop an elephant and join the herd for a cool dip in the water. Have fun as they duck and dive in the water underneath you or as they mill around splashing each other. If land feels like a safer option, join an elephant-back ride through the bush. You will encounter antelope and other plains game at close quarters and in total silence. It’s called ‘Ellie Magic!’

Adventures with Elephants is managed by the Hensman family who have been extremely privileged to live and work with elephant since 1988. Experience the thrill of hands-on interactions with elephants , but also their intelligence, compassionate nature and sheer delight in interacting with their human companions.

Experienced guides will tell you about various aspects of the elephant, they will describe anatomy, intelligence, training, as well as allow you to explore the elephant from trunk tip to tail tip and everything in-between. Ever wondered about an elephants skin and what it feels like or its tongue and what that feels like, or the sole of its foot, or where its Jacobson’s organ is located, or why they sometimes have liquid pouring down the sides of their faces, or how heavy an elephant leg is, or what an elephants belly fat feels like in contrast to its six pack? Well we’ll answer all your questions and more!

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“Spending a holiday with my family in South Africa to celebrate this special birthday was so much more rewarding than throwing a big party in a fancy restaurant. It was the best advice you could have given me. Thank you Petra, for making this happen. The choice of accommodation and the recommended activities were a delight for both generations. We had a fabulous time and we will all treasure the memories of a beautiful time spent together.”

Rod Millard, UK, November 2015

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